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People’s personal Accident Policy

Essence of people’s personal Accident policy

Any unfortunate incident could be responsible for our death or organ malfunction. For compensating this occurrence, insurance policy will provide up to sum insured limit Tk.1,00,000 against a minimal annual premium Tk.74 including 15% VAT to the policyholder.

Schedule of Compensation

  1. Death ( within 6 calendar months of injury) Capital sum insured
  2. Total premade loss of sight of both eyes/ total capital sum insured

Permanent loss of both hands/both feet/one

Eye and one Limb/one hand one foot

(Within 6 calendar months of injury)

  1. Total permanent loss of sight of eye/total 50% of Capital

Permanent loss of one hand and/one foot                 sum insured

(Within 6 calendar months of injury)

  1. Permanent total and absolute disablement capital sum insured

Caused by injury (within 12 calendar months

Of injury)

Necessity of people’s Accident policy

We are facing lots of unfortunate mishaps in our routine life. In contrast to,

Tackling that indecisive situation, we will find less people supporting us financially as well as mentally. So, a proper pre- plan which is related to accidental issue can eradicate our financial problem and make our life smooth and harmonious. In RMG sector’s workers can face unfortunate event at any time which could be the cause of their partial disablement, disablement or even death. This policy can give them financial support in that vulnerable situation even to the nominees in case of the death of the insured.

In your rainy day, People’s personal Accident” Policy will give you monetary support with a minimal premium.

People’s Personal Accident Policy Rating Chart

Amount per head        Tk.60.00

Stamp                          Tk. 5.00

VAT                              Tk. 9.00

Total                             Tk.74.00

  • The policy has been designed for the people between the ages of 18 years and 65 years.
  • You can take this policy from any of the branches of Janata Insurance Company.

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